K-2 School Day


Please keep in mind that our schedule  is fluid. There are times when we are so engaged in a subject that more time is given to read, discuss, experiment, etc. It is also possible that we’ll need a little more time playing outside or just listening to stories. It’s important to pay attention to the students’ cues and adjust our daily schedule according to them.

Lots of play! 
Studies reveal that students with frequent breaks and lots of independent play are more successful in school. Through active, mostly unstructured recess, students develop important social skills, independence, and imagination. So expect your child to have several recess breaks throughout the day. We begin our day at 8:30 am on the playground before assembling for morning circle in the classroom. After working a bit in the morning we head out for a 30-45 minute recess, then come in and work a little more until lunch. After lunch the children go out for a nice long afternoon recess before finishing our lessons.
Morning Circle begins inside the classroom at 9am. This morning circle sets the tone for our day. It consists of a morning verse (seasonal), songs, review of our day’s schedule, and discussion of our thoughts. Please be respectful of our circle time if you arrive late. Come in peacefully and have your child sit quietly and join us. The transition in the morning is always easier for your children when you say goodbye briefly at the door.


The kindergarten and first grade students do not receive homework assignments or packets. (Though the students will be creating science projects this year that may require some work at home We will be updating you about the projects when the time comes.) There is enough instructional time during the day for us to cover all areas of the curriculum. It is most important that the time spent after school at home be quality family time. Such time is invaluable.
Though we will not assign formal homework, reading practice at home is strongly encouraged. Try to read with your child each day or night before bed. Reading good literature enhances both reading and writing skills. Throughout the year we will be sending home tips on how to expand and enhance your child’s reading practice.
First grade students will receive a spelling list every week. Practicing the spelling words in creative ways at home is recommended although not mandatory.

Show and Tell
The students will have a chance to “show” something they find interesting or meaningful and “tell” about it. Each week 4-5 students will have the chance to bring a special item from home to share with the class. We will rotate the list of students each week and will inform you all when it is your child’s turn to bring something special from home.

**Please keep toys safe at home. Students should not bring toys to school unless it is their day to share. **

A “soft, snuggly” toy is allowed for afternoon story time. This will be kept in a special snuggle bin in class.


Friday Folders
Folders containing samples of your child’s art and writing will be sent home every Friday. You will also receive a newsletter.