We offer classes for children ages one through Pre-K with both full and part time options.  Our program operates on a ten-month calendar with summer programs available to accommodate families needing year-round care.  

We value early learning and the immeasurable impact positive school experiences can have on a child’s life.  Our purpose will be to provide your child with a high quality curriculum combining free exploration and purposeful play.  We will encourage your child’s natural curiosity and desire to investigate the world through art, music, literature, science, physical play, cooking, sewing, and gardening.  

Our aspiration is for all of our students to develop independence, critical thinking and problem solving skills.  We will provide a safe environment, which nurtures these skills and ensures all children feel valued and understand their importance in our community.  

We welcome you to come in for a tour or to sit in on a portion of our day.  Please contact Bonnie Bowman at 352-505-0144 to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to joining you on the beginning of your child’s educational journey.